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If it's precision blanks or panel flat sheets you are looking for, FEDCO's new close tolerance multi-cut blanking line with Herr-Voss corrective leveler can do the job.

  • Computer controlled Servo Hydraulic Grip Feed precisely measures strip. Feed produces plus or minus .005" (.127mm) length and squareness tolerance at speeds up to 275 feet per minute (84 MPM).
  • Push button Digital Knife Positioning System quickly locates position of knives. Patented automatic. Knife Locking System holds knives in position with the push of a button.
  • Integrated part Rejecter prevents coil heads/tails and unwanted parts from entering Stacker. With the push of a button, system discharges multiple slit parts to the end of the Line for rejection or convenient QC inspections.
  • Multi-Cut Blanking line Compliments 2 additional lines which can level up to 1/4" by 72" wide and 240" long.

Standard Capacities Specifications
Capacity: 28Ga. to 10 Ga. (.35-3.5mm) CRS, HRS, and Galvanized by 75"(1900mm) wide. Incoming coils to 50,000lb. (22,680kg). Yield speeds to 275FPM (84MPM) with +/- .005 (.127) width and length tolerances.

Quality material, precision finished parts competitive pricing and superior service.



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